The year 1854.

“This earth is precious. How can you buy or sell the sky. The warmth of the land? Every part of the earth is sacred to my people. We are part of the earth, the earth is part of us. White man kidnaps the earth from his children. And he does not care. White man treats the earth and the sky as things to be bought, to be plundered, to be sold. His appetite will devour the earth.

White man does not seem to notice the air he

breaths. Contaminate your bed and you will suffocate in your own waste. The end of living, the beginning of survival. Dare to choose, choose to care.”

The Chief is right. There’s only one planet.
And we’re becoming more and more conscious of our responsibility. Specially while the gift industry leaves a negative footprint in the world. That’s why we have to change the way we design, produce, package and transport our goods. That’s not just

because we think it’s about time. But also because our clients will demand it. And governments will enforce it. Do we wait for that to happen? No. We’ve set a new set of standards. And we will enroll a very ambitious program to meet them.

It’s not about talking – it’s about being sustainable!

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