The Boom is a 225ml leakproof, double walled travel mug for your hot or cold beverages on the go. The most surprising feature is that it’s designed to be completely dismantled at the end of it’s life-cycle for recycling. Show your commitment by disassembling and recyling each part for a cleaner world.

Give more, Take less. With this statement XD Eco launched a collection of smart and
environmental friendly products. Products that not only save energy and water but
also saves you on your bills. Simple every day solutions with big effects for our environment.

Our Products

Since ‘eco’ has been embraced by architects, car manufacturers
and trendy restaurants; it’s become mainstream! When addressing ‘eco’,
we can now shift the focus from the problems to the solutions.
Our broad range of products that are not only durable, recyclable, sustainable.
But also wonderful to give and to receive.
This way ‘eco’ perfectly fits into the strategy of socially responsible
corporations who like to combine ‘people, nature and business’.

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The down feather jackets without the down
They feel like down feather, and they’re even as warm and resilient. But still there are no feathers in our jackets but rather something new: Thermore ® aria . It has all the good qualities of real down but without the disadvantages to it; a world full of animal suffering where geese are plucked alive. Besides that, Thermore ® aria is 100 percent recyclable and the textile can be laundered in the washing machine.

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